Why buy direct from me?

I’m venturing into direct sales of my eBooks. This post lays out the reasons a reader would want to buy direct from me.

As a reader, you have many retailer choices when it comes to purchasing your next great read. I’ll never tell someone to not shop at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, DriveThruFiction, Libiro, or any other book retailer. However, buying direct from a content creator is a great way to thank an artist for their effort by providing them the best possible royalty rate.

Here’s why I encourage you to consider buying direct from this site:

1. Higher Royalties to the Author

My royalties help sustain my business. While some retailers do offer a generous royalty, I make more when a direct purchase is made. This additional revenue helps pay for the good work of the various editors, proofreaders, and cover artists I employ to help create my finished products.

2. Buy once, get multiple eBook file formats

When you buy direct, you get Kindle/MOBI, EPUB, and PDF formatted files, all from your single purchase. You may only have one type of eReader (I know I do), but sometimes I like to have the Kindle version for my eReader and the PDF version for my tablet. Or maybe you own a Kindle, but want to share the EPUB version with a friend so he or she can read it on their Nook. Yes, this is perfectly fine with me, so if you’re in this position, please do share it.

3. No DRM

The eBooks files I sell do not contain DRM. This is important to readers who wish to share their eBooks with friends and family or wish to remain eco-system agnostic. These things are important to me, too, so you’ll never have to deal with DRM when you buy direct.

4. Lowest prices

I sell my eBooks at the lowest prices possible, meaning I price-match Amazon to ensure readers are always getting the best deal.

5. Your purchase is 100% secure

I use Gumroad to facilitate transactions and provide download links to my eBooks after a purchase is made. Your transaction is protected by full HTTPS encryption and your purchase information is never stored anywhere (unless you tell them to save it). The purchase process is simple, quick, and easy. Read more about the purchasing experience.

6. Pay with any major credit card or PayPal

All of the usual pay options you expect are available, including PayPal.

Have questions? Made a purchase and need to get in touch with me for any reason at all?

Then contact me. I’ll get back to you ASAP and I’ll get your questions answered or your concerns addressed. I stand behind this process 100%, so if something doesn’t work, I’ll make it right.

Interested in seeing a walkthrough of the purchasing experience? Then go here.

The Direct Purchasing Experience–Step by Step

I use Gumroad to facilitate the direct purchase of eBooks from my web site. Making purchases through Gumroad is easy. Here’s how.

1. Visit my Books page.

2. Titles available for purchase will have a “Buy Now” button associated with them.


3. Click “Buy Now” and you’ll see, for example:


4. Click “Buy this” when you’re ready to finalize your purchase. You’ll see the following dialog where you can make your purchase with any major credit card or PayPal.


5. Fill-out the required info, click “Pay,” and you’re done! You’ll see a receipt similar to the following with info on where to download your new eBook (the “View product” button).


You’ll also receive an email receipt which includes the download links.

Kindle Unlimited and Why I’m In

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a new program just introduced by Amazon that allows readers to read an unlimited number of Kindle books each month. Think of it as Netflix for books. The cost is $9.99 per month, though if you sign-up now Amazon starts you off with a free 30 day trial.

The ‘all you can read’ subscription based idea isn’t new. Others, like Scribd and Oyster, have been in the game for a short while now. But it says something about the viability and potential of the model given that Amazon has decided to also offer their own version of it. I think if I were Scribd or Oyster, I might be worried. Those services currently contain a wider selection of titles given their license agreements with some of the big publishers, but this is Amazon we’re talking about. With 60% of the eBook market and an army of independent and hybrid authors marching to their beat, Amazon once again has the potential to be a huge industry disruptor.

From an author’s perspective, I’m embracing this new program. Not with all of my titles, but at least with my Assassin Without a Name shorts. That series is not performing well under the usual pay for each title model. Fine Wine and Killing the Dead have been free for a long time; they each rack up the free downloads on an almost daily basis. But I haven’t seen those downloads translate into a measurable amount of paid sales. So, as I write this, those titles, along with Night of Zealotry and The Goddard Affair, have been pulled from all other online retailers and enrolled into KDP Select, which is a requirement of the Kindle Unlimited program. I don’t particularly like the exclusivity requirement, but Amazon remains my number one source of sales by far, so it would be foolish for me to not at least give this new program of theirs a try.

When you get down to it, that’s what enrolling some of my titles—specifically my short ones—into this program amounts to: it’s something I need to explore. If it works out, great. If not, I learn what I can from the experience and move on to the next, big thing. Who knows? The subscription model may become the way the majority people of people consume books. In that case, I’m already at the forefront.

Some thoughts on Fine Wine (Assassin Without a Name #1)

This first appeared in the From the Author section on Amazon’s product page for Fine Wine.

Like any story, Fine Wine started with a simple idea: an assassin makes a deal. The story was a bit of an experiment, as I wanted to see if I could write something short. Like really, really short, while still telling a complete story. You see, I'd tried this in the past; every effort turned into a much longer work than what I had originally anticipated. Fine Wine, however, went as planned, taking all of an hour or so to get the first draft down.

In the process of writing the story I discovered a character I liked enough to want to revisit. So I wrote Killing the Dead, which was planned as a longer, more involved story meant to reveal a bit more about the character and the world he lives in. With the first two tales forming a base for the character, I decided to expand the series by introducing additional supporting characters, a number of organizations whose motives our witty assassin finds himself opposed to for one reason or another, and a diabolical plan which just might mean the end of everything the Assassin Without a Name holds dear. This larger direction starts with Night of Zealotry and continues into subsequent stories from there.

Each story is a tale unto itself, however, so no cliffhanger endings. While I want readers to come back for the next story, I also want them to leave with a sense of fulfillment. I know how some readers feel about serial style works; rest assured, the Assassin Without a Name series is not a collection of serials, but actual short stories and novellas, each with its own beginning and end.

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