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Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

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Thanks to Al Nyveldt for providing a most useful extension/widget to track my most popular posts.

You can see what it looks like to the right. I had started with just the "Top 5". That quickly changed to the "Top 7" just because I figured why not show a couple more than just 5? Of course, 7 is kind of an odd number. You don't see Letterman doing a "Top 7", after all. So, I bumped it up to the current number that it is now, 10.

The widget is great. It allows me to showcase posts beyond those that show up on my home page while also giving me and my readers a quick look at how many views each post has gotten.

The interesting thing about displaying my popular posts is seeing how they almost jockey for position. Just days after I bumped the display count to 10, one of the posts fell off as newer entries (here and here) overtook it. It seems to be staying fairly consistent now, with several of my various posts about Tor's Free E-book Giveaway scoring the most views. I expect it to continue to change, though, as fresh posts overtake the "stale" ones.

If you have such a feature available via your blogging software, I highly recommend making use of it