What's On My Reading List: Robin Hobb

I've got a jumpstart on this one since I've already read the Farseer Trilogy (Assassin's Apprentice, Royal Assassin, Assassin's Quest), so next on my reading list are the three novels of the Tawny Man trilogy: Fool's Errand, Golden Fool, and Fool's Fate.

The Tawny Man books pick up the story of FitzChivalry Farseer, royal assassin, bastard son of Chivalry, and grandson to King Shrewd. His story in the Farseer books ended in a very bittersweet fashion. Needless to say, I've wanted to read this series for a long time.

I'll post reviews as I finish each read.

Assassin's Apprentice Royal Assassin Assassin's Quest
Fool's Errand Golden Fool Fool's Fate