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Scott Marlowe, fantasy author

Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Spectacular Spring Equinox Fantasy Sale

Magic Appreciation Tour

Spectacular Spring Equinox Fantasy Sale

Members of the Magic Appreciation Tour, a conglomerate of fantasy authors including myself who come together in order to share our work with readers, is holding a special event March 20-22. Here's the pitch:

Get great deals on over 30 magical fantasy books during the Spectacular Spring Equinox Fantasy Sale. All books are priced under $5, and many are as low as 99 cents. Enter our giveaways to win one of over 35 free prizes!

This is a great opportunity for those of us who love reading fantasy to check out some new authors and new books, all at a great price.

Make sure to check out the sale this Wednesday – Friday!

Oh… almost forgot about the prizes! Yes, there are prizes, and lots of 'em. Head on over to the site to enter the raffle. Lots of good stuff in there.

I'm Today's Featured Author on Kindle Fantasy Authors

Kindle Fantasy AuthorsI'm currently the featured author over on Kindle Fantasy Authors where they've got the spotlight on my pseudoscience/fantasy novel, The Five Elements.

Kindle Fantasy Authors is in the same vein as Kindle Nation Daily, Pixel of Ink, or The Frugal eReader, except the focus of the site is fantasy, fantasy, and more fantasy. The site is run by the father/son duo of David and Ian Anderson.

David was nice enough to send over some interview questions which should hit the site on Monday.

Whether you're an author looking for some promotional assistance or a reader looking for something new to read, I would recommend checking them out.