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Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

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Over the past several months, I’ve been helping to sponsor the Free Kindle Giveaway promotion, where participants have a chance at winning a free Kindle Fire or $139 in PayPal cash. Entering is easy. Take a look at the form below or visit the site, select one or more (more is better because it increases your odds of winning) entries from the list, enter the required information, and hit ‘enter.’

For example, to enter the giveaway by signing up to my mailing list, scroll down to “Join Scott Marlowe’s Mailing List,” provide your email, and you’re done.

Signing up to my mailing list gives you all of the usual benefits: you’ll find out about new releases first and, as a subscriber bonus only, receive a free copy of each Assassin Without a Name title as it’s released. Next up is Thief’s Gambit, currently in final editing, meaning it should be done soon.

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The Goddard Affair (A Tale of the Assassin Without a Name #4) is free on Amazon 9/18-9/22

Continuing with the rolling Assassin Without a Name sale, this time The Goddard Affair is free on Amazon. The sale runs from 9/18 – 9/22, which makes this post notification a little late. Sorry about that. Some unexpected events arose to delay my usual routine.

The Goddard Affair is the longest story in the series to date, coming in at 18,000 or so words (roughly 72 pages). That puts the story in novella territory as far as length categorization goes. In many ways, The Goddard Affair best represents the series. It certainly showcases where I intend to take the series as a whole by mixing pseudo-tech with magic.

This is the last promotion for a little while here as I settle solely into some writing. I'm working on a standalone Assassin Without a Name story for a kickstarter project, then I've got the 5th story in the series, Thief's Gambit, to wrap up, hopefully for an October release.

In the meanwhile, do me a favor and download The Goddard Affair. Until next time.

Night of Zealotry (A Tale of the Assassin Without a Name #3) is free on Amazon 9/11-9/15

Continuing with the rolling Assassin Without a Name sale, this week Night of Zealotry is free on Amazon. The sale runs from 9/11 – 9/15.

Night of Zealotry is really where the series begins to pick up the larger story. Consider Fine Wine and Killing the Dead introductory pieces. Still worthwhile reads, of course, especially if you got them for free as part of this promo, but I really start to entangle our witty assassin starting with this story. It’s longer than the first two tales, coming in at around 15,000 words or 60 pages (Amazon says 40; I use the standard 250 words/page to make my determination). You’ll be introduced to the Jakaree, the Warders, and the Progressives (read The Goddard Affair to find out more about them). Oh, of course, there’s also Elizabeth West, with whom our witty assassin was once involved. Liz brings a new set of skills to the table and a strong female presence, which readers have come to enjoy in my writing.

This should go without saying by now, but look for the next Assassin Without a Name story, The Goddard Affair, to go free this time next week. In the meantime, go download Night of Zealotry, give it a read, and (always appreciated) review it on Amazon, Goodreads, or your favorite web site.

Oh, one last thing. Remember to sign-up for my mailing list and I’ll send you the next, currently in-progress story, Thief’s Gambit, when it’s ready.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading.

Side note: I’m also running a sale on The Five Elements. It’s just 99 cents on Amazon for a limited time.

Killing the Dead (Assassin Without a Name #2) is free on Amazon 9/4-9/8

As I not so subtly hinted at last week, Killing the Dead, the second Assassin Without a Name story, is now free on Amazon until 9/8.

The story is currently #1 in the SF/F – Kindle Short Read category and #833 overall.


Want to help push it a little further? Go download a free copy. Read it. Review it. Contact me with feedback to let me know if you like the series or not. Sign-up for my mailing list and I’ll send you the next, currently in-progress story, Thief’s Gambit, when it’s ready.

Then, this time next week, look for the next story in the series, Night of Zealotry, to come up free.

Side note: I’m also running a sale on The Five Elements and The Hall of the Wood. Each is 99 cents on Amazon for a limited time.

All New Assassin Releases Are Free!


I'm kicking my Assassin Without a Name series into high gear, with the third and longest story yet, Night of Zealotry, set to come out in the next couple of weeks. Also, I've got three more stories all in various stages planned for release thereafter.

Right now, you can get the first two stories in the series, Fine Wine and Killing the Dead, for free at Amazon and other select online retailers.

With those on your eReader, wouldn't you want the next story too? Here's how to get it for free:

Sign-up to my mailing list. It's that simple. In exchange for allowing me to notify you of all of my new releases as they're available, I'll not only send you the next, unreleased story in the Assassin Without a Name series, but I'll also send you each and every story thereafter.

What that means is this: Sign-up today and I'll send you Night of Zealotry in a couple of weeks when it's released. Because it's a longer story than either of the first two, it's going to retail for $2.99. But you'll get it for free. Then, when the next story comes out, I'll send you that one too. And so on.

Why would I do this? Because I like having readers. I also like having ratings and reviews. There's not really any obligation to leave either, but it's a nice gesture and something which I'm willing to play the numbers on. If I give away 1,000 copies of the next story, chances are 5-10% of them will leave reviews. Maybe some others will help spread the word in some other way. It all helps.

One last question to answer: What's the frequency of Assassin releases? In an ideal world, I'd like to do one per month. But, because I'm a realist with a day job, I'm willing to commit to one new release every 1-2 months. I'm will to commit to that if you're willing to show your interest by signing up today. You have my thanks in advance.