Scott Marlowe, fantasy author

Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Tor Free E-Book: Starfish by Peter Watts


This week's Tor Free E-Books Giveaway is "Starfish", by Peter Watts.

"Starfish" is the first book in the Rifters Trilogy. Amazon reviewers give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5. You can find out more about Peter Watts at Rifters or on his wikipedia page.

A synopsis (from Amazon):

Set in the early 21st century, Watts's debut describes a future when the search for energy leads to the tapping of geothermal sources deep in the ocean, as in the Pacific's Juan de Fuca Rift, near Canada's Northwest coast. The maintenance workers of the dangerous underwater power plants are selected for their psychotic tendencies, which enable them to forget their previous lives on dry land, and are then surgically altered to survive the intense pressure of the sea's abyssal depths.

Of course, it sounds as if things don't go so well for our maintenance workers, though I also didn't get a vibe that this was another Abyss. The use of technology is "superb", and the workers are as much a part of the salvation as they are the destruction of the people who live at the surface.

It sounds like a worthy read.

For a running list of all of Tor's free e-books, go here.

The Hall of the Wood: free fiction

One year and two days ago as I write this, I first offered my fantasy novel, The Hall of the Wood, as a shareware download on my web site. The 'experiment', as I called it, has, I think, been a success. Over 2200 downloads, numerous comments (mostly positive), a (very small) amount of money received in payments. OK, not a smashing success, but a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless.

I was going back and looking at The Hall of the Wood and I realized something: it lacks presentation. I basically threw out the same copy I was sending to agents and publishers. They want a certain font and double-spaced lines and other stuff, whereas a reader probably wants to see something a bit more presentable and, most important of all, readable.

As of now, wonder or wait no longer, for I have re-packaged The Hall of the Wood into a most presentable work of fiction. Some minor changes here and there, but mostly just new fonts, cleaned up the headers and footers, slapped a new cover page on there, and some other tweaks. The end result is a more presentable product.

If you haven't downloaded The Hall of the Wood yet, feel free to do so now. I've dispensed with most of the requests for donations at this point. It's out there, for free, so download at your leisure. I always appreciate comments, good or bad.