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Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Writing Update #28

A weekly progress report as I work through the (second pass) editing of my current fantasy novel.

Very good progress this past week. Overall, I'm up 36 pages, from last time's 220 to 256. I added 1 additional page, bringing the current total page count to 366.

The graph:


You can see that the total page count dipped and leveled off, but has now been steadily (and slowly) rising. Total word count actually went down by 37 this past week to 106,845:


I expect there to be maybe one more bump in word count—there's a new scene I feel I need to add to give the reader some more context on one of the main characters, plus it will allow me to utilize my witch character again (I love witches). Then, a gradual lessening as I continue to pare down sentences of unneeded words and such.

Percentage-wise, I hit 70% completion:


Couple of other stats I've been keeping: "average pages edited per week" and "weeks remaining". The first of those is at 18.13 pages/week. The second, 6.07 weeks remaining. 6 more weeks and I should be done with this pass. Things are really fitting together nicely. I'm looking forward to the next edit, which I've no doubt will go a lot faster once all the pieces are in place at the completion of this edit.

Writing Update #27

A weekly progress report as I work through the (second pass) editing of my current fantasy novel.

So-so progress this past week. I'm now on page 220 of 365. That's up from last week's 213 and 359, respectively. That leaves me with 145 pages to go. I only cranked out 1,636 words for the week, so from that perspective I didn't do so good. But, I did complete a scene that I had left a "to do" behind on during the first edit, and I'm mostly pleased with the way it turned out.

Total word count went from 105,246 to 106,882, which means I've been creeping back towards that magical 110,000 number. Here's the chart:


Percentage complete has kind of flattened out of late:



I figure about 8.6 weeks left at my current pace, which I think is up a bit from last week. However, now that I'm back into editing instead of writing new material I should be able to get that number moving down again.

That's it. Good writing to those who do that sort of thing.

Writing Update #26

A weekly progress report as I work through the (second pass) editing of my current fantasy novel.

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was going to start doing these writing updates monthly instead of weekly. Sometime between then and now I changed my mind. It's back to weekly.

Soon after I settled into that new, monthly reporting schedule, I noticed a change. I'd already slipped a bit the previous week, but now all of a sudden I was suddenly free! Free of responsibility, free of deadlines, free of the accountability I'd imposed upon myself. Unfortunately, such freedom comes with a price: I started spending more time at work and working on my other blog. Nothing wrong with either of those endeavors (in fact, work always comes first because it pays the bills), but the unintentional side-effect was that my writing progress was suffering.

So, back to weekly reporting for me. I realize 99.9% of the people who happen across this blog probably don't give a hoot about how many pages I edited or where my word count is at, so consider this a purely selfish indulgence on my part.

Now that I've bored you all to tears, let me bore you just a little more with this past week's writing progress. Even though I didn't report numbers for last week, I still kept track of them. But I'll go back and do a comparison between where I'm at right now and where I was a couple of weeks ago when last I posted the numbers. The graphs reveal the time between.

Currently, I'm editing page 213 out of a total of 359. That's up from a current page of 181 and total pages of 352 which is where I was at 2 weeks ago.


Percentage-wise here's where I'm at:


First of all, you can see where I slipped a little, though not all of that was me sipping margaritas instead of writing. I actually spent considerable time on a section that got butchered during the first pass edit. The end result was a lot of chunks of text missing, so I had to stitch that scene back together.

Total word count went up for a change:


That's because I started adding new material instead of taking it out. Word count is now at 105,246. I feel pretty confident it won't go down too much more from hereon out.

I'm happy with my progress thus far. Even with a little slacking by my figuring I should have this second edit completed in about 8 weeks. Two more months, then, and eight more updates, then on to the third edit and publishing glory.

Writing Update #25

A weekly monthly weekly progress report as I work through the (second pass) editing of my current fantasy novel.

This past week was not a writer's week. It was much more a software engineer's week, and a DIY'ers week around the house a bit, too. That's how it goes sometimes, though; as an author-in-progress I have to squeeze in time for writing whenever I can. Sometimes that time is ample, and I make good progress. Other times… not so much.

That being said, this past week was not a complete wash. I spent some time thinking through some plot points and especially coming up with some new material for the current chapter I'm working on. You see, the chapter has a lot of holes. Not plot holes. I mean, literally, holes, as in big chunks of the text were deleted during the previous edit. This is not as bad as it might sound because I'd been searching for a point in the story to layer in some character development. The story is rather fast-paced, so fitting in such material had been a challenge from day one. Now, though, I have the perfect place for it, and even a very nice segue from the previous chapter into this one.

One last thing before I conclude. I'm changing the frequency of this weekly update to monthly. I started this series as a way to track my progress and also to create a sort of accountability. I'm not relaxing either of those. But I've been finding lately that my blog is getting full of these updates and my weekly links series. In order to provide myself a bit more time to actually write and also to work on more meaningful posts, I'm relaxing the frequency of my writing updates.

The all-new monthly updates will come right around the 1st of each month. That means no (writing) update until February 1. See you back here then.

Writing Update #24

A weekly progress report as I work through the (second pass) editing of my current fantasy novel.

This past week was a good one. 30 pages edited total, bringing me up to page 181 out of a current total of 352. There's some significance there, not only in the 30 pages, which is the most I've edited in a week since starting this second edit, but also in the fact that my total page count did not change from the previous week to this one. Without fail the total page count has been going down, sometimes dramatically, so it's nice to see some stabilization.

Here's how pages edited/remaining is looking:


That puts me at 171 pages remaining and, wow, I'm +50% now:


51.42%, to be exact.

Total word count only went down by 34 words this time, ending at 103,363.


Looking ahead, I'm about to enter a minefield where many of the mines have already gone off and left craters behind. That's because I took out some rather large chunks of the story during the first edit as I realized those sections were not entirely relevant to the overall storyline. What this now means that instead of editing I'll be patching disparate parts together and, in some cases, writing new material to bridge the gaps.

I'll see how it goes and report back next week. Till then, good writing.