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Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

The Five Elements is 99 cents today only

imageThe Five Elements (The Alchemancer: Book One) is 99 cents on Amazon today only! Get it here.

I've been running a few promos lately for The Five Elements. I'm not big on sale prices without some sort of advertising behind it because it's near impossible to effectively get the word out without this outside help. Shouting it from the Twitter rooftops is not a good strategy, IMO, because it just adds to the noise and annoys people.

For this promotion, I chose eBookSoda. We're seeing more and more of these curated style email services where you get 1-2 featured books per email based on which genres you wish to receive info about. Bookbub pioneered this format and have had some success with it, so of course others are now attempting to emulate the model. Nothing wrong with that and, in fact, it's a great thing for authors and readers alike because it creates options.

So, eBookSoda today and then no more promotions for at least a couple of months (never say never, but that's my thinking for now).

However, another deal I have going is if you're interested in witty assassin stories, you can sign-up for my mailing list and get the next Assassin Without a Name story for free. The story is novelette length (14000 words) and I'm all but done with my end of things until it goes to my editor in about a week. The story is called Night of Zealotry and you can find out a little more about it here.

Tis the season for 99 cent deals

We may be approaching the end of 2013, but we're still in the middle of the Holiday season. What better way to end the year than with a couple of eBook sales?

The Hall of the Wood and the first book in The Alchemancer series, The Five Elements, are each priced at 99 cents from now until the end of the year at

The Hall of the Wood is a standalone fantasy novel that leans toward the traditional side, with strong Tolkien overtones. It's a tale of mystery and suspense, with plenty of adventure, magic, alien races, and dark witchcraft. More than a few readers have commented on the "strong female characters" and the "interesting, fast-paced plot."

The Five Elements is steamfantasy, which is a mix of fantasy and steampunk. Think fantasy without elves and steampunk without the Victorian slant. It features infernal machines, demons, sorcery, sword fights, and a pair of main characters who grow in opposite directions until, at the last, they find themselves with opposing goals instead of a common one. The Five Elements was chosen as a self-published gem of 2013 by Fantasy Review Barn and is fairly well regarded by readers.

Click on the images above to get each novel for 99 cents from now until the end of the year.

The Five Elements (The Alchemancer: Book One) - 75% off

The Five Elements - 75% off at Smashwords

For the final week of the Smashwords "July Summer/Winter Sale", The Five Elements is 75% off when you use coupon code SSW75 at checkout. At its usual price of $4.99, that brings it down to $1.25.

Now is a great time to get familiar with Aaron, Shanna, Ensel Rhe, and even the despicable  Erlek because why? Because The Nullification Engine (The Alchemancer: Book Two) is coming out soon. That's why.

The sale only lasts until the end of July, so take advantage while you can.

July Summer Sale at Smashwords

100% off!

100% off!

50% off!

Every year Smashwords has a big, site-wide eBook sale with percentages off ranging from 25 to 100 percent. This time around, I enrolled all three of my titles in the sale. Prices are good throughout July, but why wait? Two of them are free and the third comes out to about $2.50 after the 50% discount. Formats include EPUB, MOBI/Kindle, and more.

Here's the links:

Fine Wine

Killing the Dead

The Five Elements