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Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Change is good

Something our former CEO often said as he was announcing the latest round of executive and organizational changes is that in order to stay ahead of the competition you have to change. If you have to change, you're better off doing it from a position of strength rather than when your back is against the wall.

I'm making some changes of my own, and I'm making them from a position of strength.

First off, I'm changing employers. As a general rule I don't discuss details about who I work for; no reason to change that policy now. Suffice to say I'm going from a mediocre situation to a brighter, more challenging one.

The second change is a reduction in the hours I spend consulting outside of my primary job. Late last year I had the opportunity to get back into some software consulting work. The conditions were too good to turn down, but adding all those hours onto a full-time job… it wears you down. This is going to be a slow wind down process as opposed to going cold turkey. I have obligations which will need to be fulfilled before I move on completely. But the end result is I get my life back. I should have more time for writing. More time for reading. More time to play with the dogs, ride my bike, mow the lawn, and, of course, spend time with my wife.

What this ultimately means for this blog is that I should be a bit more active. It's not often I get to write a single post that applies to both of my blogs, so I find myself essentially addressing two different groups. In terms of my writing blog, I completed the serialization of The Five Elements, and at this point I'd like to do some follow-up to discuss the success (or failure) of that effort. On my technical blog, while my new position isn't too terribly different from my current one, I will be focusing a lot more on Silverlight and SharePoint (two very important technologies to my new company), so expect to see the blog's focus go in that direction.

That's it for now. Looking forward to jumping back into some constructive blogging. Thanks for reading!

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