Scott Marlowe, fantasy author

Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Now Conducting Author Interviews

I want to continue interacting and supporting my fellow indie authors while also informing readers of some possible great, new reads, and so I'm going to start featuring author interviews. Each week, most likely on Wednesday, I'll post a single interview from an author whom you may or may not have heard. I'll highlight their latest book or any other upcoming projects while asking the sort of general background questions you might expect but also some questions a bit more hard-hitting, like what they think of the recent authors paying for reviews scandal. I'm curious myself as to what other authors think of this whole thing.

I'll post a message like this one up on Goodreads and possibly some other places to see who's interested. I hope to make it a regular, weekly thing. With only one a week I might even fill out the schedule for the year.

As for genre, I'm restricting this to authors of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Sorry, but there's just too many people out there writing books and I have to filter it down somehow.

Oh, and if you're an author and wish to be featured, contact me or leave a comment below.

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  • Tracy Falbe

    2/6/2013 10:50:53 AM | Reply

    Hi Scott, I am interested in being interviewed at your blog. Contact me any time with your questions. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Cora Buhlert

    2/6/2013 5:07:44 PM | Reply

    Here via KB. I'd be interested in an interview, too. Contact me anytime with your questions.

  • scottmarlowe

    2/6/2013 6:20:12 PM | Reply

    Hi Cora,

    Thanks for coming on by. Questions sent!

  • R. Doug Wicker

    2/6/2013 9:03:06 PM | Reply

    I would definitely be interested in making myself available for an interview.  My genre is mystery.

  • scottmarlowe

    2/7/2013 5:58:12 AM | Reply

    Great, Doug! Sending the questions your way now.

  • Anne

    2/9/2013 8:20:03 AM | Reply

    Would LOVE to be interviewed!

  • scottmarlowe

    2/10/2013 1:07:14 PM | Reply

    Hi Catana,

    Thanks for stopping by and accepting my offer. I just sent the questions your way.