The 2013 Year In Review

Unlike previous year in review posts, I'm going to skip the usual blog stats breakdown. I used to get a kick out of seeing how many people stumbled onto my posts, read them, and possibly even left a comment. But I think the tone of this blog has changed to the point where while I still get a kick out of those things, they're not so much at the forefront of my focus. I'm ecstatic that this blog has posts which have been read well over 100,000 times now (the top 3 actually account for over 100,000 just by themselves), but my focus is more and more on my writing, so that's what this review is really about.

2013 was a great year for me. I released the first two Assassin Without a Name stories, with a third in the works presently.

Also, I finished up and released the second book in The Alchemancer series, The Nullification Engine. Initial reviews are positive, though few, but I have many more coming as review copies continue to go out. I'm really looking at the long term with my releases rather than trying to make a hard impact right from the get-go. The series continues to pick up new readers every day, so I'm happy about that.

On a related note, I'm really proud of The Nullification Engine. It's my most complex story to date, with five (or is it six?) viewpoint characters all going about their own business but also all tied together by the underlying storyline. My original plan for this series was five books, and I don't think that's changed. I'm outlining the next/third book now, so might start writing it in February. Having just gone through the whole beta/edit/proofread process, which spanned a couple of months just by itself, I'm hoping I can make some adjustments to help streamline it without losing any of the quality it brings.

My last major accomplishment was releasing the second edition of The Hall of the Wood. This was a book which, in simple terms, got released before it'd been given the proper editing treatment. The second edition resolved that. It's not selling as well as the Alchemancer books, but I sleep better at night knowing it's been raised to an acceptable level of quality, of which my readers absolutely deserve (and of which I expect of myself if I'm to continue publishing novels).

So that's that. Another year has come and gone. I've learned a tremendous amount about the writing business and what it takes to have staying power in the industry. I've also established some great relationships with readers, some of whom received advanced, finished copies of The Nullification Engine just because. I hope to make many more such relationships in 2014.