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Scott Marlowe, fantasy author

Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

The Five Elements: TOC

I'm serializing my fantasy novel, The Five Elements, one chapter a week for the next 24 weeks. See the TOC for the complete list of chapters and links to each corresponding post. If you don't want to wait for the end of the 24 weeks to read the entire novel, you can download the PDF or buy The Five Elements on in Kindle format or in a variety of formats from Smashwords right now.

Below is the complete chapter/interlude listing for The Five Elements. I'll update with a link to each chapter as it is posted, so you can use this post as reference if you like.

If you're wondering what the book is about...

Aaron and Shanna's friendship transcends social status. But where Aaron's brilliance has all but assured him a respected position amongst Norwynne's scholars, alchemists, and sorcerers, Shanna seems destined for a life of service and drudgery. Both of their lives are sent into a tailspin when, without warning, their home is laid waste by an elemental attack. In the resulting fallout, the two are separated. Aaron thinks Shanna killed, while Aaron himself is forced to flee for his life. For Shanna, the greatest adventure of her life is about to begin. For Aaron, it becomes the worst of nightmares: pursued by dwarves, hell hounds, and a demon who will not stop until he is dead, the only thing keeping him alive is his own resourcefulness and an eslar mercenary whose reputation as a killer might make him the worst threat of all.

Though Aaron and Shanna travel different paths, their purpose is joined when they individually learn of the mysterious Fifth Element. Shanna sees it as the final piece in the puzzle that is her destiny. To Aaron's logical mind, it is an impossible ambiguity. Whatever the answer, the Fifth Element draws them back together and into a final confrontation not as allies, but as adversaries. 

1. Assassin
2. Waves
3. The Flood
4. Raiders
5. Captured
6. Escape
7. Promises
8. The Summonings
9. Ursool
10. A Change in Fortune
Witch's Interlude I
11. Houndmaster
12. The Four Elements
13. The Hounds of Hell
Witch's Interlude II
14. Attunement
15. Wildemoore Manor
16. Cauldron Mountain
17. Betrayal
18. Amongst the Clouds
19. The Last Hunt
20. The Final Betrayal
21. The Fifth Element
22. Friendship

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