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Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Weekly Writing Progress & Other Business #4

I'm writing the next book in The Alchemancer series. It's called The Nullification Engine and should be out soon. As a way to keep readers updated on my progress and also so I can gauge the same, each week I take a look at my current writing progress and report it here. Also, I discuss some other areas revolving around the business side of things.

Leave it to the holidays to screw up one's writing progress. I can see why some people just avoid it altogether by taking the time off from writing entirely. That sounds nice, but not possible for me. I've got a book to finish and a day job that keeps most of my day occupied. Big difference between this holiday season and those of the past: I didn't any time off beyond the usual company holidays. Couldn't, actually. New job and all, and we have restrictions on when we can take time off (tax industry, don't ask).

Anyway, let's get to some progress.


I received the regional map to go along with The Five Elements from my cartographer. It looks great. Next step will be to do a reveal (I have to reveal the one for The Hall of the Wood still) and get it integrated into the eBook and World of Uhl site.

Writing Progress

As noted, the holidays took their toll on my writing schedule. Also, given I had so many posts I was trying to fit in before year-end and the lackluster writing progress, I opted to skip last week's writing progress post in lieu of a some predictions for next year.

However, I'm back to my regular schedule now so let's see where we're at.

Date Current Word
Words Written Words/Day Words
% Complete
12/1/2012 0 0 0 155,000 0.00%
12/8/2012 20,019 20,019 2,860 134,981 12.92%
12/15/2012 24,425 4,406 629 130,575 15.76%
12/22/2012 30,027 5,602 800 124,973 19.37%
12/29/2012 32,059 2,032 290 122,941 20.68%
1/5/2013 34,757 2,698 385 120,243 22.42%

Looking at the last 2 weeks, daily progress came way down. However, this past week it started to tick up as I returned to a more normal schedule. Overall, I'm 22.4% done. If you look at the total words written, though (which isn't reported here), I'm actually 33% done as I continue to assimilate previously written content. For all intents and purposes I'm really just at 22.4%, so I'll go with that.

Here's the usual graphs. Until next time.