Weekly Writing Progress & Other Business #5

I'm writing the next book in The Alchemancer series. It's called The Nullification Engine and should be out soon. As a way to keep readers updated on my progress and also so I can gauge the same, each week I take a look at my current writing progress and report it here. Also, I discuss some other areas revolving around the business side of things.

All in all it was a pretty good week. Coming off the holidays this was the first full week I had to go to work ("go to" being a relative term since I work at home full-time). While my parents were still in town, I think I sufficiently started getting back into the swing of things.

For those just joining us, every Saturday I like to take a few moments to look over the past week in terms of writing and other assorted business. This post is supposed to be primarily about my writing progress on the second novel in The Alchemancer series, but I also cover other "stuff" generally related to my writing.

So, let's get to it.


The map for The Hall of the Wood has been revealed in all its glory. Click the map below for the post where you'll find a larger version.

I decided maps were important enough that I commissioned an illustrator to make a handful of them for me. This is the first of five. The others are for The Five Elements and the upcoming new book, The Nullification Engine. I'll do the reveal of the next map in a couple of weeks.

Print Books

Back on November 20 of last year I declared that my titles were no longer available in print. There were various reasons for this. You can click-through if you're interested in reading about them. However, I just reinstated those titles. So, print is back.

Why the change?

I think not having print titles at retailers (regardless of the pricing issues of which I'm still not happy with--I'd like to sell them a lot cheaper) actually hurts sales and discoverability overall. Amazon, for example, has separate rankings and sections of their site that are specific to print books. Not being on those shelves is generally not a good idea, I think. So, for better or worse, I'm back to maintaining print editions. So be it.

Writing Progress

I wasn't entirely pleased with my daily average world count but I did lose some time over the previous weekend because of visiting family, so I made what progress I could and actually came out alright in the end, I think.

Here's the numbers:

Date Current Word
Words Written Words/Day Words
% Complete
12/1/2012 0 0 0 155,000 0.00%
12/8/2012 20,019 20,019 3,337 134,981 12.92%
12/15/2012 24,425 4,406 734 130,575 15.76%
12/22/2012 30,027 5,602 934 124,973 19.37%
12/29/2012 32,059 2,032 339 122,941 20.68%
1/5/2013 34,757 2,698 450 120,243 22.42%
1/12/2013 38,923 4,166 694 116,077 25.11%

If 25% complete on the first draft is a milestone, then I met it. About 700 words per day and a total word count as shown.

If one considers that I actually have 51,092 words written (I actually started the initial draft about a year ago but wound up revisiting the outline enough that I felt I needed to start over and get everything aligned), then I'm actually 33% done. I'll continue to absorb those words and sometime soon won't bother reporting this tidbit.

Here are the graphs.



And with that, I'm back to writing.