The Wordnik Word of the Day for December 16, 2010

I thought as I came across notable words from Wordnik's Word of the Day service, I'd post them here. Here's today's. If you like, sign-up for Wordnik's Word of the Day service yourself.

This is the kind of word I could see myself using in a scene involving dwarven sappers. A bit out of context, I know, but I still like the conjunction of words and see potential here.


(noun) A device for exploding a dynamite cartridge in an oil-well.

(noun) A movable-jointed contractible apparatus, with interior springs secured to iron plates in overlapping sections, something like an elongated cartridge in shape and about three feet long, introduced into a pipe-line for the purpose of freeing it from obstructions.

(noun) A rough sled used for holding one end of a log in hauling it out of the woods, etc., the other end dragging on the snow or ice.

A 'go-devil' is also known as a 'tieboy' or 'travois.'


"Gordon had laid several hundred yards of light rails upon his grade, and on these he had mounted a device in the nature of a 'go-devil' or skip, which he shunted back and forth by means of a donkey-engine and steel cable."