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Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Your eBook

This post comes courtesy of Marcela De Vivo, who approached me with interest in providing this blog's audience with some great new content. I'm glad she did, and hope she'll come back in the near future. In this article, she writes about using social media to help promote your eBook.

Social media is an ideal way to find readers and engage existing fans of your work, and as a writer, you should have at least a few of the skills necessary to catch your reader’s eye; however, many writers struggle with using social media since it can feel somewhat different that writing in a traditional sense. Many writers also struggle with knowing where to start as social media and marketing really aren’t their realms of expertise.

Taking the time to learn how to market and promote your eBook using social media sites can generate significant results and you could even find a fan base that you never would have connected with otherwise.

Use Multiple Social Media Outlets

The major social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are no-brainers for authors looking to promote their eBooks; however, there are more than two big social sites, and utilizing them all can give you access to more followers and potential readers.

Social sites, like Tumblr, Instagram and even LinkedIn, can help boost your readership base and help you make beneficial contacts in the publishing industry.

Start a Blog

You might not see a personal blog as a great way to showcase your writing, but it really can be an incredible tool to help expose readers to your work and message. Of course, you don’t want to put all of your writing on your blog – just samples and teasers to entice people to continue following you and to buy your eBook.

For the maximum benefit, consider writing pieces similar to your eBook for your blog. You can even use the same information and package it differently. Believe it or not, many authors already do this, and it can be an incredibly effective way to sell eBooks when combined with other efforts.

If you do start a blog, it’s important to link to your social media pages regularly-- those are what you really want followers to tap into so that you can let them know about future work.

Track Your Social Media Activity

So, you’re using Facebook, Twitter and every other social media site under the sun and you’ve setup your personal blog. You’re posting every day on your social sites and regularly contributing content to your blog.

Are your efforts helping and really getting people to buy your eBook?

To find out, you need to use tracking tools that can give you some idea. Certain tracking tools can be particularly helpful for this since they can actually monitor visitors, leads and real sales of your eBook all on one convenient, easy-to-understand dashboard.

Using tracking tools, like Cyfe, can also help you find out if your social media efforts aren’t really working much at all – or at least not enough for the amount of time you spend on them. With this information, you can work on revising your social strategy until you get the results you want and need.

Social media is important for all businesses in 2013, but it’s particularly important for independent businesses, like authors looking to sell eBooks without major backers and partners. While selling your eBook can seem like a very difficult task, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing, you should know that social media can really help.

In fact, it’s one of the only tools that every business, big or small, uses to promote their product-- because it actually works!

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Southern California whose writing specializes in web analytics, green website hosting, tech and marketing. As the owner of Gryffin Media, she uses a variety of social media platforms to reach a broader audience.