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Twitter Revisited

Last week I blogged about how I just didn't get Twitter. To put it plainly, I didn't see the point.

As I write this now, I have to retract my initial opinion at least partially. I'm still not 100% convinced it's the next best social medium, but I'm coming around. I started tweeting since I wrote that last post about Twitter and, I have to say, I'm marginally hooked.

Is it fun? Yeah, a little. Exciting? Ah, not really. Interesting? Yeah, it is actually. Informative, too, because people aren't telling me about what they had for lunch, they're passing out links to useful software information, tips on how to make better use of Twitter, and there's this guy who does inning-by-inning updates of the San Francisco Giants games (I've been a Giants fan for about 30 years now).

My advice: don't be like me--don't knock Twitter until you've tried it.

If you've already jumped on the Twitter Bandwagon or are just getting started, you can follow me here. I can't guarantee I'll be nearly as interesting as some others, but who knows--maybe I'm under-rating myself.

Happy Tweeting.

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  • Andre

    5/9/2008 2:03:41 AM | Reply

    Well, I tried it and I still don´t get twitter. Everything I saw was _not_ useful information, it was something like "i feed the cat", "i´m on the phone", "I´m reading xyz in the economist" - etc.
    To me twitter is a substitute for everything you won´t write a blog-post about. If somethings not worth to be mentioned in a blog post, I surely may ignore it.... ain´t I right?

  • Scott Marlowe

    5/10/2008 5:19:06 AM | Reply

    Hey Andre,

    There's definitely some (or a lot) of that--useless tweets like "Good morning, everyone!" or "I just got off a plane in Korea". Well, that's nice, but why would I or anyone else care about that? It's definitely a substitute for "full" blogging, thus the name micro-blogging, with information that isn't quite worth expounding on into a full blog post. But that might be b/c it's off-topic for your blog. I've been following some technology-minded folks b/c I'm a software engineer and I've actually gotten some useful info from them via Twitter.

    I think it really just comes down to who you're following. I'm really trying to limit who I follow cause otherwise I can see it becoming a mess in trying to keep up with everything. In fact, I had 20 tweets waiting for me this morning--I only glanced at the last few.

    It's what you make of it, my friend. I'm doing alright with it (so far).