Weekly Writing Progress & Other Business #16

I'm writing the next book in The Alchemancer series. It's called The Nullification Engine and should be out soon. As a way to keep readers updated on my progress and also so I can gauge the same, each week I take a look at my current writing progress and report it here. Also, I discuss some other areas revolving around the business side of things.

Good progress this week, plus a reset on progress in terms of percent as I realized my 5,000 words per chapter estimate was on the low side. More on that below.


I'm closing in on what should be my last few map updates. I hope so, anyway. At this point I have 4 of 5 maps in hand and complete. The ones I've revealed so far include the map to go along with The Hall of the Wood, the map for The Five Elements, and the world map. Map number 4 goes along with The Nullification Engine and will be revealed as part of the book launch in a few months. The last and final map, also to go along with The Nullification Engine, is a city map. The sketch for that one is now in the hands of my capable illustrator, so I'm in a holding pattern waiting to get the first draft back. Hopefully I'll have some more news next week on this.


I'm going to make an admission of guilt: The Hall of the Wood never went through the "proper" editing and proofreading process. It shows in some of the reviews, too. I've really no good reason why the book was never properly edited. I was new to the game, I thought I could edit it myself… None of which is excusable. When readers pay for something (or not, since HOTW has been downloaded tens of thousands of times for free), there should be some minimum guarantee of quality. HOTW is a book I want to remain on shelves for a long time. It has its flaws, but I think it's a good, enjoyable read. That being said, I've got a conversation going with a highly recommended editor who, if things work out, I also will hire to do the editing on this next book I'm working on now.

Book Covers

Since HOTW is getting a fresh round of (professional) editing, I thought I'd also see about getting a new cover done up. New cover, new edit, new edition, is what I'm thinking. I'm waiting to get the first proofs back from my book cover artist, so I might have something to show or talk about in next week's update.


This past week I blogged about:

Writing Progress

So this is my 16th writing update since I started work on The Nullification Engine. That roughly means I've been working on the current, first draft for 16 weeks. I say 'roughly' because I actually put a lot of time into the outline prior to that. Four months in, and based on the revised numbers below, I'm just about 60% done. If you go back to last week's update, I was at 65%. The reason for the discrepancy is this: First, I made some tweaks to the outline, so I now have the expected number of chapters at 25 (down from 30 at one point). Also, I realized that my initial estimate of 5,000 words/chapter was low. Some quick calculations revealed I'm clocking in at about 6,500 words/chapter. This plays into the percentage complete estimation, so now with that new words/chapter figure I'm 58.42% done.

Here's the numbers:

Date Current Word
Words Written Words/Day Words
% Complete
12/1/2012 0 0 0 162,500 0.00%
12/8/2012 20,019 20,019 3,337 142,481 12.32%
12/15/2012 24,425 4,406 734 138,075 15.03%
12/22/2012 30,027 5,602 934 132,473 18.48%
12/29/2012 32,059 2,032 339 130,441 19.73%
1/5/2013 34,757 2,698 450 127,743 21.39%
1/12/2013 38,923 4,166 694 123,577 23.95%
1/19/2013 44,503 5,580 930 117,997 27.39%
1/26/2013 49,628 5,125 854 112,872 30.54%
2/2/2013 52,073 2,445 408 110,427 32.04%
2/9/2013 56,503 4,430 738 105,997 34.77%
2/16/2013 62,161 5,658 943 100,339 38.25%
2/23/2013 68,213 6,052 1,009 94,287 41.98%
3/2/2013 74,552 6,339 1,057 87,948 45.88%
3/9/2013 77,757 3,205 534 84,743 47.85%
3/16/2013 84,859 7,102 1,184 77,641 52.22%
3/23/2013 88,321 3,462 577 74,179 54.35%
3/30/2013 94,936 6,615 1,103 67,564 58.42%



That's it from me. Kind of a long update. Now, back to writing.