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Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Weekly Writing Progress & Other Business #8

I'm writing the next book in The Alchemancer series. It's called The Nullification Engine and should be out soon. As a way to keep readers updated on my progress and also so I can gauge the same, each week I take a look at my current writing progress and report it here. Also, I discuss some other areas revolving around the business side of things.

Email Notification Sign-up

I'll start with a quick note that I started an email notification list for readers to sign-up for if they want to receive an email when the next book in The Alchemancer series, The Nullification Engine, is out. Go here to sign-up. You won't receive emails for anything other than new novel announcements. Promise.


Still working away on maps. I have a few changes to submit for the map to go along with The Nullification Engine and I spent a lot of time on the world map. In fact, I have a rough draft done of the latter at this point, so I just need to redo it a bit more neatly and send it off to my illustrator so he can get started.

I expect map work to drop off sometime soon. The final and biggest one is the city map of Brighton, where most of the The Nullification Engine takes place.

You can view all of my maps thus far on the World of Uhl Maps page.

New Characters

I needed someone to assume duties of the army of one of Brighton's neighbors, so I give you Field Marshall Durant.

I don't really want to give a lot of details on characters yet as the book is still being written and things could change. At this point he's really just a name, anyway. He'll likely have a larger role in the next book.

You can view all of the characters from my novels at the World of Uhl People page.


I'm still blogging every day. This past week I blogged about:

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Just a single rating (no review) this past week for The Five Elements over on Goodreads. It's 4 stars, which you'll never see me complaining about.

Writing Progress

Not a great week for writing. Monday morning I sat down at my desk at my usual 6 am to discover that this site was down. After several hours later on the phone with the customer service department of my web hosting company, we finally figured out what they'd done and got everything back up. Then, as the week progressed, the day job got busier and busier. I soldiered on, though, and did the best I could.

I've also "caught up" at this point, meaning I've absorbed all of the previously written material I wrote so everything from here on out is breaking new ground.

Here's where I'm at with The Nullification Engine. I'm really shooting for 5,000 words per week, so I fell a bit short this time.

Date Current Word
Words Written Words/Day Words
% Complete
12/1/2012 0 0 0 155,000 0.00%
12/8/2012 20,019 20,019 3,337 134,981 12.92%
12/15/2012 24,425 4,406 734 130,575 15.76%
12/22/2012 30,027 5,602 934 124,973 19.37%
12/29/2012 32,059 2,032 339 122,941 20.68%
1/5/2013 34,757 2,698 450 120,243 22.42%
1/12/2013 38,923 4,166 694 116,077 25.11%
1/19/2013 44,503 5,580 930 110,497 28.71%
1/26/2013 49,628 5,125 854 105,372 32.02%
2/2/2013 52,073 2,445 408 102,927 33.60%


I was hoping to see more of a spike in this one, but at least it went up.


That's it for this time. Back to writing.