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Where I spend my time, revisited

Back in March 2010 I wrote up a post that detailed where I spend my time over the span of a week.

It was pretty rough; I didn't account for a lot of the minutia in my life like walking the dogs or grocery shopping or blogging. Still, I wanted to see where I was spending my time from a high level and get a clearer idea how much time I spent writing, reading, and doing some of the other things I like to do like exercising (cycling, running, weights; sometimes more of one, sometimes less).

I'm revisiting this now because something is about to change in my life that is going to greatly affect my time in a good way. No, I'm not quitting my day job. But I am getting a new one. One that allows me to work at home 99.8% of the time. In other words, I should be able to reclaim the 10 hours/week I currently spend commuting. I say "should" because I'm fairly certain there's going to be an intense ramping up period with this job (from the moment I received the offer I've been boning up on the base technologies I think I need to have a firm grasp of from Day 1). However, once I get settled in and have adequately dazzled my new boss and co-workers, I'll slow it down a bit and work a more normal 40-45 hour work week. That's when things get interesting from a writing perspective.

The numbers in that older post aren't entirely accurate anymore. Below is a more current breakdown based on today.

Day Job 40 24%
Commuting 10 6%
Exercise 10 6%
Writing 14 8%
Reading 8 5%
Fun Time 21.5 13%
Outside work 12 7%
Consulting 0 0%
Sleep 52.5 31%
TOTAL 168 100%

Here's where I expect my hours to fall once the initial "breaking in" period is over:

Day Job 45 27%
Commuting 0 0%
Exercise 10 6%
Writing 25 15%
Reading 9 5%
Fun Time 14.5 9%
Outside work 12 7%
Consulting 0 0%
Sleep 52.5 31%
TOTAL 168 100%

This is pretty rough. I don't, for example, count the time spent driving to and from bike trails since I'll be heading out occasionally to meet the wife for some single-track fun. Also, I lumped things like grocery shopping into 'Fun Time', because isn't grocery shopping and running other errands fun?

Consulting work has already gone to '0'. I quit doing that a while back.

Commuting time will go to '0' with only the occasional trip into the office. How 'occasional' remains to be seen, but I know the person I'll be working for from a previous position so I know when he says, "I don't care where you work", I know he means it. Also, the work-at-home arrangement is a company policy, not something I set up because I know the person. I consider it rock-solid.

I expect writing time to increase by around 11 hours to 25 hours/week. That doesn't seem like a lot, but considering I work a 'regular' job I think that's pretty darn good. 25 hours/week in terms of hours anyway is a legitimate part-time job. Too bad the pay is so crappy. :-(

All in all, I'm extremely excited about this new position. It's going to eliminate my the wasted time and frustration of a daily commute, the work is going to be intense but interesting, and, best of all, I'll have more time to spend writing.