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Last post I talked about some of the marketing efforts I'm typically engaged in for my books and that I'd decided to take a step back. It wasn't until I dug into where I was spending my time that I realized just how many places online I was dipping my toes. I thought I'd list them out. Some are pretty obvious. Twitter, for example. Some I've established a presence on but never use (Google+). Others I'm on too much. I say too much because those sites take away too much time from my writing.

I suppose I need to focus down on just 1 or 2 of these. Especially the forums, though I do spend most of my forum time on KindleBoards. One place I really need to start spending less time on is Goodreads. Goodreads is for readers, and while I am a reader I'm also a writer. Sometimes the distinction gets blurred.

Here's the list along with profile links. How many of these are you on?



Web Site/Blog (i.e., this site)

Amazon Author Page


KindleBoard Forums

MobileRead Forums

FantasyFaction Forums


* = presence established but don't really use

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  • Steven Till

    6/14/2012 11:36:04 AM | Reply

    I'm basically using the same ones you are, mostly Twitter and Google+ and my blog/site. I used to spend time on LibraryThing (like GoodReads I think) but don't much anymore. I need to look into the Kindle Board Forums and Fantasy Faction forums. Haven't spent any time perusing those. I also used to spend time on a historical fiction forum but again, like LibraryThing, have abandoned that one.