Why You're Probably Not Following Me Back On Twitter

About a month ago I wrote a post on why I'm probably not following you back on Twitter. The major reasons were these:

  1. You're an egg
  2. Your bio is incomplete or full of a bunch of hashtag or shortened link nonsense
  3. Your Twitter stream is chock full of sell, sell, sell
  4. You are a retweeting machine
  5. You are a "social media expert"
  6. You're having a multi-way conversation with your buds
  7. Don't try to sell me something or direct me to your blog, web site, or eBook via an auto-DM
  8. You've got a zillion followers but you're only following back a hundred people

I thought I'd turn that around and make the opposite conjecture: Why you're not following me back on Twitter. Here goes.

1. I don’t only tweet about one thing.

I know some people maintain a singular focus on Twitter. Their “thing” might be sports, writing, tech, or finance. I actually tweet about all of those things and occasionally more. If you’re someone following me because you’re a fellow writer or a reader of my novels and I suddenly barrage you with baseball tweets (like I did during the playoffs and World Series when my San Francisco Giants won it all), then you might have unfollowed me. I can’t help it if I’m representing myself as a real person. Real people have many interests, so that’s what you get when you follow me.

2. You don’t agree with my politics

By this I mean any of those generally “taboo in the workplace” sorts of subjects like politics, religion, social views, etc. While I generally do not tweet topics related to these, sometimes one slips out. For example, someone recently tweeted something about gun control. This is one of those hot button issues here in the United States. People are typically on one side or the other with not much in between. I imagine my response to this person put off some people and maybe I lost some followers because of it. I know I’m not following that person anymore.

3. You got tired of the “sell, sell, sell”

For a little while there my feed turned into one product sales announcement after another. I still tweet out these things or direct thousands of Twitter followers to new posts on my blog, but I try to keep it toned down and, at worst, at least interspersed amongst other information.

4. I tweet or retweet too much

I don’t think I actually tweet that much, though I’ve been on the service for a while now and so I’m at around 16,000 tweets total. I tend to hit people in the morning and late evening. In between I’m working and actually find Twitter to be too much of a distraction.

5. I don’t tweet or retweet enough

Now this I agree with. Why it would make people not follow me, I’ve no idea. Taken with the next one, though…

6. I don’t engage my followers

I’m very much of the tweet it and move on mentality. I don’t put questions or information out expecting replies or answers. I’m kind of this way on my blog as well. This is probably an area I could work on.

7. I don’t reciprocate enough

I’m trying to be a good Twitter citizen by returning the RT love and such but I think in the past maybe I wasn’t too good with this. In fact, now I actively keep track of certain individuals just so I can return the favor more because they’ve been nice enough to help me out with a RT of my own stuff here and there.

I’m sure there’s more reasons but why dwell on my failures? Let’s stay focused on the positive and sharing good information.