Writing Update #17

By my count, this is my 17th consecutive weekly writing progress update. How's that for some consistency?

Here's what I've accomplished this past week:

Pages edited went up 18 from last week's 38 to a current number of 56. Total page count went down by 5 from 377 to 372. That gives me 23 pages for the week (remember this is editing, so a reduction in total page count works, too. ;-) ). Not as good as last week's 25, but I'll take it. If I'm remembering correctly, I wanted to hit at least 20 pages/week, so I made it (this time).


Percentage complete went up to 15.05% from last week's 10.08%.


Total word count is interesting. When I started this second edit, it was at 112,737. It now stands at 109,520. That's good because I think I may wind up adding back in about 2-3,000 words of new material. I therefore like the downward trend, and I think it (hopefully) shows that I'm trimming the fat.




That's it for this week.

Happy writing everyone.