Writing Update #24

A weekly progress report as I work through the (second pass) editing of my current fantasy novel.

This past week was a good one. 30 pages edited total, bringing me up to page 181 out of a current total of 352. There's some significance there, not only in the 30 pages, which is the most I've edited in a week since starting this second edit, but also in the fact that my total page count did not change from the previous week to this one. Without fail the total page count has been going down, sometimes dramatically, so it's nice to see some stabilization.

Here's how pages edited/remaining is looking:


That puts me at 171 pages remaining and, wow, I'm +50% now:


51.42%, to be exact.

Total word count only went down by 34 words this time, ending at 103,363.


Looking ahead, I'm about to enter a minefield where many of the mines have already gone off and left craters behind. That's because I took out some rather large chunks of the story during the first edit as I realized those sections were not entirely relevant to the overall storyline. What this now means that instead of editing I'll be patching disparate parts together and, in some cases, writing new material to bridge the gaps.

I'll see how it goes and report back next week. Till then, good writing.