Writing Progress & Other Business #25

I'm writing the next book in The Alchemancer series. It's called The Nullification Engine and should be out soon. As a way to keep readers updated on my progress and also so I can gauge the same, each week I take a look at my current writing progress and report it here. Also, I discuss some other areas revolving around the business side of things.

The Hall of the Wood – 2nd Edition

As indicated to those who signed up to receive notifications when new novels and such of mine come out (what? you're not signed up? Then go here. You'll get a free eBook copy of The Hall of the Wood when it's ready just for being on the list.), The Hall of the Wood is going through final editing now and should be ready sometime this month. My editor got hung up a bit with sick kids and a tornado that knocked power out to his house for a week. Needless to say, his schedule got thrown a little out of whack. But, I'm close to having this book back out there in its glorious new second edition.

The Five Elements – New Cover

This is something I've been thinking about for a while. With the next book in the series imminent (see next section), I wanted to circle back around and start with a fresh, new cover for The Five Elements. This cover was done for me on the cheap, and while it's served me well over the past few years, it's now time to take it up a notch. More on this in the near future.

Writing Editing Progress – The Nullification Engine

I'm no longer writing the next book in The Alchemancer series but editing it. I'm under a deadline, too, as I've already commissioned an editor and she's got me on her calendar with a firm date. This person comes highly recommended, so I'm expecting great things. She'll get started in September. So, all things considered, The Nullification Engine should be out in October. That's the target date, anyway.

Shorts – Assassin Without a Name series

By now you may have seen the cover reveals for each of Fine Wine and Killing the Dead, so you have some idea what this series is all about. If not, the Assassin Without a Name series is about, yep, an assassin whose name just wasn't that important in the context of the first story. In fact, in his line of work, he doesn't really want people knowing his real name, so it fits that it's never revealed upfront. This might become a bit tricky as I continue on with the series, especially as he has family relations in the city he calls home. But, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. As I continue on with the series, I'll go deeper and deeper into the character's background, male-up, and views on the world in general. He has a colorful past, but it won't be revealed all at once. Primarily these shorts are about telling a good, entertaining story, so that's where the focus will remain.

You can purchase Fine Wine and Killing the Dead for free or close to it from all major online retailers.