Writing Progress & Other Business #26

I realized it's been three months since I last did one of these updates.

Based solely on that, it might seem I've been on vacation. Not so.

In that time, I've:

  1. Revealed a new cover for The Five Elements
  2. Announced plans for a re-release of The Hall of the Wood
  3. Ran a LibraryThing giveaway of 80 copies of The Hall of the Wood (of which I have not gotten many reviews in return, which means I likely will not be doing another one of these for future books)
  4. Did the official release for (yeah, you guessed it) The Hall of the Wood
  5. And, THE BIG ONE, I made the official announcement for the release of Book Two in The Alchemancer series, The Nullification Engine

I have one more announcement, which is that the The Nullification Engine goes to my editor tomorrow.

That means I've done all I can do with it. Some argue that art is never really "done". That's a point I can get behind. But, in commercial works, there's a point where you have to declare it finished. I'm almost there.

Once back from editing, I have about three weeks to make all the needed changes and then it goes to proofreader 1, then proofreader 2, then proofreader 3. I'm taking the proofreading more seriously than ever before. I learned my lesson with previous works and I want as many eye balls on this as is financially reasonable.

The book will be "done, done" late November. The official release is therefore late November/early December. I'm trying to give myself the best possible chance of making back my investment on this one, which means I want it on Amazon's New Releases list between Christmas and New Year's Day. The exact release date will be determined based on those dates (I really just need to take a look at a calendar and figure the date out).

More on the official release day in a future post.