Writing Update #18

A weekly progress report as I work through the editing of my current fantasy novel.

This past week was a good one: plenty of turkey, time-off, and writing.

Total page difference from last week was 21, made up of 19 pages edited and 2 taken off the total (through word reduction). That puts me at a current page of 75 out of 370 total pages.

Bottom line: I made my weekly total of 20+ pages.


Percent complete is at 20.27%, up from last week's 15.05%.


Total word count went down again, this time to 108,415 from last week's 109,520. A fairly gradual reduction this week, but a reduction nevertheless. I fully expect the total word count to continue to decline up to some point. I know, however, that I need to add some more content, so ultimately I still think it will even out in the end.


That's it for this time. Good luck with your own writing.