Writing Update #10

I'm closing in on the finish line. Current total pages stands at 375, down 1 page from last week. Currently editing page 362, up from last week's 348. That gives me a 15 page increase for the week, gets the pages remaining down to 13, and puts me at a bottom-line completion percentage of 96.53%.

I'm happy with my progress, though I have to admit in terms of pages edited that progress seems kind of dismal. It's enough to make a less-determined person give it up. Fortunately, I think I've been doing this long enough (few years now) that I know how small the steps in writing a novel can be at times. Also, this is a first-pass edit which, for me, is really the most work (besides writing the novel itself).

I might be making slow progress, but it's steady progress. With only about 1 1/2 chapters left to edit, I'm about there.

Another thing I like is the total word count, which stands at 110,599, down just a little from last week, but on target for the limit I had previously investigated.

Here's the pages edited/remaining chart:


And the percentage outlook (with a smaller range on the Y-axis to better demonstrate progress):


More writing progress next week when I hope to announce the completion of this first-pass edit.