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Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Writing Update #5

This Monday's writing progress is coming in a little late because (1) today is Labor Day and thus a holiday and (2) my wife and I have been out all day biking and then celebrating my dad's birthday.

However, I do have some progress to report, so let's jump into it.

Let me throw up the latest graph:


I'm currently editing page 329, an improvement of 16 pages over last week's status. That puts me at a completion percentage of 79.47%. Last week I was at 75.24%.

As you can see, my completion percentage over time is very linear:


A few more stats: Total pages dropped by 2 to 414, word count dropped also from 123,508 to 122,866.

That's about it for this time. I'm still chugging away on editing, and I think based on some information I found and posted about regarding total word count I have a tough decision to make. I'm going to have to cut something fairly big in order to reduce the total word count down to where it needs to be. I have something in mind, but I need to finish the first pass, then take a look at the big picture before I make any rash decisions.

Till next time.

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  • Melissa Donovan

    9/2/2008 11:04:29 AM | Reply

    Wow, looks like you're really humming along and getting it done. Congrats and good luck!

  • scottmarlowe

    9/3/2008 6:22:52 AM | Reply

    Thanks. Next week's report should be interesting--I final made the "hard decision" to cut one of the characters. It's already resulted in a significant decrease in word count, though I still will need to start from the first page that character appears on and edit him out from there. Besides for word count, it's really going to tighten up the flow of the story, too.

    The most interesting part of this had been that the character really existed for one reason and one reason only: to provide technology. Once it dawned on me that I have another character who could serve that purpose just as well, it was chopping time.