Scott Marlowe, fantasy author

Scott Marlowe

Author of the Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name fantasy series

Writing Update #23

A weekly progress report as I work through the (second pass) editing of my current fantasy novel.

I really thought I was going to have nothing good to report this time, but I wound up squeezing out 13 pages despite it being New Year's and a bunch of other things coming up. It was, however, a welcome if unscheduled break which hopefully has charged my batteries a bit.

So, 13 pages, bringing me to a current page of 151 (up from last week's 140). Total pages went down, again, this time from 354 to 352.


% complete went from 39.55% to 42.90%. A small gain.


Total word count: last week I had 104,006 words. This week, 103,397, a decrease of 609 words. Not much of a decrease, but a decrease nonetheless.


That's it for this time. Back to writing for me.