Writing Update #26

A weekly progress report as I work through the (second pass) editing of my current fantasy novel.

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was going to start doing these writing updates monthly instead of weekly. Sometime between then and now I changed my mind. It's back to weekly.

Soon after I settled into that new, monthly reporting schedule, I noticed a change. I'd already slipped a bit the previous week, but now all of a sudden I was suddenly free! Free of responsibility, free of deadlines, free of the accountability I'd imposed upon myself. Unfortunately, such freedom comes with a price: I started spending more time at work and working on my other blog. Nothing wrong with either of those endeavors (in fact, work always comes first because it pays the bills), but the unintentional side-effect was that my writing progress was suffering.

So, back to weekly reporting for me. I realize 99.9% of the people who happen across this blog probably don't give a hoot about how many pages I edited or where my word count is at, so consider this a purely selfish indulgence on my part.

Now that I've bored you all to tears, let me bore you just a little more with this past week's writing progress. Even though I didn't report numbers for last week, I still kept track of them. But I'll go back and do a comparison between where I'm at right now and where I was a couple of weeks ago when last I posted the numbers. The graphs reveal the time between.

Currently, I'm editing page 213 out of a total of 359. That's up from a current page of 181 and total pages of 352 which is where I was at 2 weeks ago.


Percentage-wise here's where I'm at:


First of all, you can see where I slipped a little, though not all of that was me sipping margaritas instead of writing. I actually spent considerable time on a section that got butchered during the first pass edit. The end result was a lot of chunks of text missing, so I had to stitch that scene back together.

Total word count went up for a change:


That's because I started adding new material instead of taking it out. Word count is now at 105,246. I feel pretty confident it won't go down too much more from hereon out.

I'm happy with my progress thus far. Even with a little slacking by my figuring I should have this second edit completed in about 8 weeks. Two more months, then, and eight more updates, then on to the third edit and publishing glory.