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Cover Reveal: Fine Wine

Fine Wine

Here she is, folks. The new (and first) cover for Fine Wine, a (very) short story that begins the adventures of my Assassin Without a Name character. You can read the story itself right here on my web site for free. Or, if you own a Kobo reader, you can download it there for free as well. It's coming to arrived in the iBookstore (for free, also), but they're taking their time putting it out on the salesroom floor, so I can't provide the download link just yet. and you can get it here.

I'd love to make Fine Wine available as a free download on Amazon and, but neither of those retailers allow authors to price books (or short stories, in this case) for free. Not yet, anyway.

As for the cover, I really like it. It's not what you might expect for a fantasy story about an assassin, but it speaks to the content of the story itself and I really like the way the artist highlighted that this is part of a series with the silhouetted figure and text at the bottom.

If you haven't read Fine Wine yet, go read it now and let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

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