Map Reveal for The Five Elements

I think maps in fantasy books are important. That’s why I thought I was way past due on including some in my own books.

Jared Blando of The Red Epic site is the illustrator I commissioned to produce my maps. He came highly recommended and I don’t think he disappointed.

Below is the map to go along with The Five Elements. What do you think?

Full descriptions of all locations and more can be found on the places page at the World of Uhl.

Map for The Five Elements

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  • Daniel R. Marvello
    More nice work!

    I love maps. I have about as many maps on my walls as everything else put together. I have a massive topographic map of our county on one wall, the map from the game Oblivion on another, and other smaller ones scattered around the room.

    I'm always happy to find a map in a fantasy book. Following the journeys of the adventurers is part of the fun for me.
  • scottmarlowe
    Thanks. Credit goes to Jared. He does some nice work.

    Now I just need to figure out how to sell more books so I can recoup the cost. Smile

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