My Book Review Guidelines

It's getting to the point where enough people are seeing my book reviews that I'm starting to receive a fair number of inquiries asking if I'd like to review their books. I'm OK with that. In fact, I welcome it. There's so much fiction out there that I know I'll never read it all let alone actually see it. So I love it when someone brings a new book to my attention. Longtime readers of this blog know I love a good ARC.

That said, I thought it would be a good idea to post up a list of general submission guidelines. What I'll review and what I won't and my preferred formats, in other words.

If you'd like for me to review a novel or short piece, read on.

If you're serious about getting the most out of a review and are interested in what kind of reach this blog gets, you can view my w3counter stats.


I'm primarily a reader of fantasy and science fiction (in that order). Those are also the genres I tend to focus on with this blog. It should come as no surprise then that those are the genres I will most readily accept for review. However, I also like a good horror novel, especially those with a Lovecraftian slant. If you have something which fits into one of these genre categories, you're good. If not, and you're not sure, send me an email.


I own a Kindle, so my preferred format (and one which hopefully makes it easy for submitters) is either MOBI (Kindle) or PDF. If you want to send a paper format book, no problem. Shoot me an email or contact me via Twitter and I'll provide my mailing address.


I don't discriminate between indie or traditional sources. In fact, I try to highlight Kindle authors, whether established or new. I must admit, though, that the majority of my reviews up to this point have been from traditional publishers. That can definitely change, so don't let the whole self-publishing/indie stigma keep you from requesting a review here or anywhere else.


Last, and possibly most important, expect objectivity with any review I write. If a novel needs work, then I'll say so. Ditto if the characters or story doesn't do it for me. I'm fair but honest in my book reviews, or at least I make my best effort towards those ends.