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Hello and welcome. I'm the author of The Alchemancer series of steamfantasy novels as well as the Assassin Without a Name series of short stories. I'm also a software engineer with over twenty years of experience developing custom software solutions across a wide variety of industries, including medical, telecom, and tax accounting. You can find me here on my web site and blog or on any one of the social sites above. Thanks for stopping by and please take a few moments to look around.

- Scott

Thief's Gambit (coming soon)

Upcoming Release

My next release is Thief's Gambit, the fifth tale in the Assassin Without a Name series.

Each Assassin Without a Name story is a self-contained tale unto itself, but as the plot progresses, strange forces are on the move, as our witty assassin finds himself embroiled in a secret war where all is lost no matter who wins.

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Short Stories

Fine Wine Killing the Dead Night of Zealotry The Goddard Affair (coming soon) Thief's Gambit (coming soon)