The Assassin's Code


Book Three of the Assassin Without a Name Series

The Assassin's Code (Assassin Without a Name Book Three)

About the Book

The Assassin's Code releases on October 22, 2024!

The Assassin’s Code is simple: Never let a job become personal and never have regrets.

It’s a code the Nameless Assassin has found malleable at times, but if the right people are dead, what does it matter? Unfortunately, some of the right people aren’t dead, and they’re beginning to pose a very real danger to the Assassin Without a Name’s way of life and to the people he cares about.

The Jakaree, emboldened by their alliance with a blood witch, are no longer content to work from the shadows. Meanwhile, the Warders, who operate in plain sight, redouble their efforts to find the mysterious Heart of the Dragon and advance their plan to destroy the Jakaree. Never mind that they may destroy the entire city of Alchester along with them.

Such grand and destructive plans have not gone unnoticed by the authorities, who place Inspector William Wright in charge of stopping all nefarious activity perpetrated by these organizations. He’ll need the Assassin Without a Name’s help if he’s to have any chance at success.

Blood feuds, dark sorcery, and secretive agents with diablerie in mind? Breaking the code was never so easy.

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Wine List

Most wines in the Assassin Without a Name series are fictitious, though many are based on characteristics found in the many wines of our world.

Barmeda sherry

A dry, light, and smooth sherry with a slightly salty tang.

Crusus Sabeler

A sweet white with a fine bouquet and nutty flavor. A member of the shiraz family of wines. The best shiraz wines come from grapes grown in terraced vineyards.

Jisendell Port

A smooth red fortified with the perfect amount of brandy.


A dry red.

Scarlet Tempest

A deep red.


Assassin Without a NameAssassin Without a NameWitty assassin with a penchant for murder and fine wine. True identity unknown.
Elizabeth WestElizabeth WestA master thief.
Abelard WhitfieldAbelard WhitfieldWealthy merchant with connections.
Gwendolyn GoddardGwendolyn GoddardChief Scientist and founding member of the Progressive Society.
Atticus DrakeAtticus DrakeA founding member of the Progressive Society.
MathildaMathildaA witch. Her familiar is a raven named You.
Isadora BloodstoneIsadora BloodstoneA blood witch.

Aravar Tillwood

Artificer, killed by the Assassin Without a Name.


Scamp, thieves’ guild “pick.”


Malakai’s dog.


Mathilda's daughter.


Gaugath warrior.

Hesulton (Hesul) Branwick




Olivia Gould

Nameless Assassin’s sister.


Thief, beggar, informer.

Remy Crane

Professor, Ruby Crane's father.

Rolen Fairwind

Wealthy businessman.

Ruby Crane

Professor, Remy Crane's daughter.


Atticus Drake’s man.

Sebastian Chase

Wealthy aeropreneur.

Thjorn "Heavyhammer" Targalas

Anolgan, leader of the Thieves Guild.

Thomas Thornton

Wealthy adventurer, Nameless Assassin alias.

William Wright

King’s inspector.


Mathilda’s crow.

Zara Blackthorn

Southlander thief.


Black Guard


Black Guard corporal.

Geoffrey Belford

Black Guard captain.

Marcus Nelson

Black Guard lieutenant.




Jakaree priest, second-in-command.


Jakaree head priest.

Scaramon One-Eye

Jakaree priest.



Claire Carter

Bookshop owner.

Leonidas Storm

Warder compulsor.

Nathanial Manes

Warder compulsor.


Aikon Cemetery

A cemetery where the dead have a knack for rising from the grave.


The capital city of Kallendor. At the direction of King Classus, Alchester has become the hub for Kallendor's airship adoption, including development and research as well as an evergrowing infrastructure for commerce by air.


A small Seacean vineyard located close to the western outlet of the Bay of Lochwell. Known for their exquisite sherry.

The Dusty Shelf

Dover Heights bookstore specializing in rare and hard-to-find books. Proprietor is Claire Carter.

The Groggery

A hole-in-the-wall grogshop buried beneath a dilapidated tenement.


The Land of the Horse Lords is a place of grassy plains, wooded glens, and meadows. Kallendorans are a proud people: strong, noble, and dignified. Though many make their way in life as farmers, merchants, shepherds, and cavalry soldiers, as a people they have cultivated superior skills and experience as horse breeders. The horse is central to their lives; more than a few profess to have learned to ride before learning to walk. Many see the advance of technology as a threat to their traditional way of life, though its adoption seems inevitable given their king's support for it. Kallendor is one of the four fiefdoms created after the fall of the high king five hundred years ago.


City of legend and myth, thought to preceded Alchester but destroyed long ago. Called Nyrax by goblin and ratfolk.

King's Airship Docks

Largest airship docks in the Four Fiefdoms, with twenty towers total, though ten are unused.

King's Stockyards

Located outside the city walls. All manner of livestock are slaughtered here before distribution to butchers inside the city.

Lady Bellum's

Tavern with a pleasant atmosphere.

Lady Smither’s Bathhouse

A bathhouse.

The Lazy Minstrel

A shat hole-in-the-wall tavern run by a woman named Ophelia.

Lockley’s Depository

A bank.

The Mulling Mule

A wineshop of dubious quality.

Mullin’s Pawn Shop

A pawn shop whose owner, Evelyn, isn't above delving into the black market when there's money to be made.


A wineshop.

Ridlin’s Den

Part gaming hall, part grogshop, all cesspit. Owned by Ridlin.

Rogue’s Den

Secret hangout for those who know about it. If you know, you know. If you don’t, you shouldn’t try to find it.

The Shambles

The seediest of boroughs in Alchester. Not a place for decent people or even indecent ones.

The Silver Harp

A fine establishment that caters to nobles and wealthy merchants. Known for its elegant decor and exquisite cuisine.

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