Book Reviews

Book Reviews: The Complete List

This is an always updated list of all the book reviews I have written, organized by author (alphabetized by last name) and title for ease-of-access. Alternatively, you can browse the content of all of my book reviews.

If you are an author or publisher, and would like for me to review your work, please see my review guidelines.

Joe Abercrombie

John Joseph Adams (editor)

Peter V. Brett

Tobias Buckell

Lois McMaster Bujold

S.C. Butler

Orson Scott Card

Glen Cook

James Clemens

David Drake

Dave Duncan

Randall Garrett

Christopher Gravett

Paula Guran (editor)

Robin Hobb

Washington Irving

Richard Kadrey

Paul Kearney

Paul S. Kemp

Kay Kenyon

Stephen King

Joe Konrath

Ellen Kushner

Mercedes Lackey

Robin Laws

Jane Lindskold

James Mallory

Paul Malmont

Graham McNeill

China Mieville

Tee Morris

Tim Pratt

Norman Partridge

Cherie Priest

Brandon Sanderson

John Scalzi

Karl Schroeder

Jon Sprunk

Denny Swartzlander

J.R.R. Tolkien

Harry Turtledove

Jack Vance

Jo Walton

Peter Watts

David Weber

Connie Willis

Robert Charles Wilson

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