The Alchemancer series

Elemental magic consumes the world and only a sorcerer’s apprentice who knows nothing about magic can stop it. The Alchemancer series begins.

About the Series

The world is changing. Where sorcery alone once bridged the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary, now technology does much the same. But technology, like magic, is a two-edged sword, and there is always a cost. No more so than when alchemists, sorcerers, technologists, and tinkerers push the boundaries by blending the best—and the worst—each has to offer.

True to their nature, these infernal amalgamations defy mastery by any single disciplinarian, and cataclysmic events are soon set into motion. Now, with the western seaboard of the Seacean kingdom on the brink of destruction, an obscure reference to a single individual capable of unifying the disparate disciplines and reining in the destructive forces unleashed comes to light. Can this person succeed where so many others have failed?

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Book cover for The Hall of RiddlesThe Hall of RiddlesAn Alchemancer Prequel

Sample Chapters

Engines of Alchemancy (The Alchemancer: Book One)



The Nullification Engine (The Alchemancer: Book Two)



The Inversion Solution (The Alchemancer: Book Three)



The Alchemist's Forge (The Alchemancer: Book Four)



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