The Inversion Solution


Book Three of the Alchemancer Series

The Inversion Solution

About the Book

The city of Brighton is in chaos. Infernal science inverted half the population. The other half fights for survival. The Alchemancer series continues.

Aaron failed to stop the Nullification Engine, and half of Brighton’s population paid the price. The situation worsens when eslar invaders led by Ensel Rhe’s greatest enemy and brother-in-law, Balrabbek, arrive in Brighton intent on completing Ingrid Kane’s work. Forced into an alliance with them, Aaron soon realizes the engine’s effect went well beyond the city’s borders and that there is much more at stake than he ever imagined.

When Ensel Rhe learns of his brother-in-law’s arrival, he wants nothing more than to take his revenge for the murder of his son. But some part of his former self recognizes the bond of family, so, reluctantly, he stays his hand and instead sets out to learn all he can about Balrabbek’s plan. What he discovers makes him realize that he must end Balrabbek’s ambitions, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, Serena and Jakinda Rhe sail to Uhl’s furthest reaches onboard the Griffin. While the airship’s captain tries to save the life of one individual, Serena and Jakinda must help one another gain mastery over their respective skills. Once they reach the end of their voyage, they’ll come face to face with the most sinister enemy of all, an enemy they must defeat if there’s any hope of saving the people of Brighton.

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Barony of Fallmere

Barony of Fallmere


Aaron Shepherd

Scholar, alchemist, sorcerer's apprentice.


Skeva shaman. Leader of Xirklx.

Alice Briggs

Griffin's quartermaster.

Ardus Arkor

Raider, explosives expert.

Arlen Walkerton

Serena's father.


A raspel. Crime-lord of Brighton.

Bella Kelm

Adopted daughter of Thorvid Kelm.

Blyden Kreg

Captain of the Griffin.

Chane Taldman

Steward of the House of Walkerton.

Clyde Mantock

Inn proprietor.


A Sunken Slums fortuneteller.



Durant Chandler

Field Marshal of Rockhaven's army.

Emily Stewart

A childhood acquaintance of Serena's.

Ensel Rhe Alon

An eslar mercenary.

Evan Kingsley

King's Patroller.


Krill weapons master.

Hirad Bolheim



Shodeth warrior.

Hounds of Barathrum

  1. Carnage (Ugoshatha),
  2. Havoc (Shatach),
  3. Ravage (Sthu),
  4. Ruin (Sarshuath),
  5. Shatter (Elaqus),
  6. Agony (Hugony),
  7. Mayhem (Yathathac),
  8. Misery (Ggothista),
  9. Scourge (Uzulthoma),
  10. Discord (Mmazstagoth),
  11. Turmoil (Bhacthu),
  12. Terror (Zhac-kitha)

Ingrid Kane Kalara

An eslar trader.

Jacob Madison

First Mate of the Griffin.

Jakinda Rhe Alon

Daughter of Ensel Rhe.

Kimlor Rusk

Raider, stone expert.


Houndmaster, demon.

Lundy Mortimar

The Griffin's boatswain.

Marcel Dadehill

Lord Chancellor of Kettering.

Miles Stanworth

Airman onboard the Griffin.


Shodeth warrior.


Bella's bodyguard.


Chief Scientist of the Earl's Department of Alchemy and Science.

Persimmius Falconian

Mysteriarch and pyromancer. Serena's first master.

Philip Roberts

Earl of Brighton.


Shodeth warrior.


Tinkerer rat.


Leader of the shodeth.


A cabin boy.

Rebecca "Beck" Stratum

Ship's engineer.

Roe Tippin

An army sergeant.

Rohan Fuchs

Captain of the Earl's Guard.


One of Thorvid's henchmen.

Sedgewick Gyles


Serena Walkerton

Sorcerer's apprentice.

Thorvid Kelm

Dwarven crime boss.




City guardsman. Clyde's brother-in-law.


A witch.

Verna Walkerton

Serena's mother.


A research scientist.


Barony of Agratis

A barony grown rich from its lumber and trade agreements with Brighton. Agratis is ruled by Lord Malcolm Roberts.

Barony of Fallmere

Leaderless since the attack on Norwynne, Fallmere is in a state of disarray.

Barony of Rulana

The richest and most prosperous of Kettering's territories, Rulana is ruled from Brighton not by a baron, but by the Earl of Kettering himself.


A prosperous city located at the joining of three rivers, the Silvercross, Highbrook, and Whitecrest. It is the seat of power for the entire earldom and is known for its shipbuilding industry and as a trading gateway to the Barrens Ocean.

Earldom of Kettering

The southwestern territory of the fiefdom of Seacea. Made up of the baronies of Agratis, Fallmere, and Rulana. Kettering is ruled by the Roberts family.


The Griffin is a one-of-a-kind airship specially designed for high-elevation travel.


A city lying between Norwynne and Brighton on Galway Road.


A remote oceanside city-keep.


Capital of Agratis.


An underground city located beneath Brighton.

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