The Assassin Without a Name series

Enter a world of intrigue, adventure, magic, technology, and, of course, murder, as the Assassin Without a Name finds himself embroiled in a secret war where all is lost no matter who wins.

The Books

Book cover for The Assassin's BladeThe Assassin's BladeBook One (Assassin Tales #1-7)

The Tales

Book cover for The Killing KnifeThe Killing KnifeAssassin Tales #1-3

About the Series from the Assassin Without a Name himself

I had a name once, same as everyone else, but after one glorious night of murder, it was no longer safe to use. Small sacrifice for ensuring my family's safety, I figured. So now I don't use one. In my line of work, it's not necessary anyway. What is my line of work? Murder, of course, though I fancy myself more than just an assassin. Gentleman, thief, wine connoisseur, adventurer, a man of a thousand names and none. I'm all of those things and more. Everything in my life was about as perfect as one could hope until one particular job came along. Kill the artificer, steal the plans, make an exchange. Simple enough, until a band of fanatical priests ambushed and tried to kill me. Turns out the plans describe some sort of dark energy machine. The priests aren't the only ones interested in it, either. I've no desire to be a hero, but I'll do whatever I have to do to keep my city—and my sister—safe.

There's already blood on my hands. What's a little more?

The Assassin Without a Name

From the Author

Tales of the Assassin Without a Name is a series of fantasy adventure stories featuring an assassin with a skill for murder and a penchant for fine wine. While each story is self-contained, there is a larger storyline at play as strange forces are on the move. Through happenstance and his own compulsion to look after his own interests, the Assassin Without a Name becomes embroiled with these forces, and not in a good way. Hunted by Black Guardsmen, plagued by death priests, and inexorably involved with a society whose mission is to further the advance of strange and mysterious technology, our reluctant hero may take the high road at times, but always in his mind lurks the memory of one glorious night of murder when he gave up his true identity and never looked back. Now, with his city under threat, the Assassin Without a Name will do whatever it takes to preserve his way of life and protect the family who thinks him dead. He gave up his life once so that others could live. If he has to, he’ll do it again.

Sample Stories

Fine Wine (Tales of the Assassin Without a Name #1)

Abelard has made enemies. The Assassin Without a Name is sent to deal with him. But death isn't always the answer.

Read the first story in the series, Fine Wine, for free.

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