The Hall of Riddles (Prequel)


An Alchemancer Prequel

The Hall of Riddles

About the Book

A timeless guardian. An unsolvable riddle. An eternity spent trapped.

When the wizard Elsanar sends Aaron into the Underkeep to retrieve a special instrument, Aaron never suspected he’d wind up trapped in a secret dwarven treasure hall. Good thing Shanna is there to keep him company while they wait to die of thirst, hunger, or worse.

Their fortunes change when the treasure room’s guardian makes them a deal: solve his riddles, and he’ll set them free. The catch? No one has ever solved them before. Time is running out, too, because a second guardian is coming to end their lives, and this one doesn’t negotiate.

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Aaron ShepherdAaron ShepherdScholar, alchemist, sorcerer's apprentice.
Shanna BonnermanShanna BonnermanSoapmaker’s apprentice. Best friend to Aaron.

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