Interesting Words

Interesting Words: The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett

View this book on One of the things I often do as I'm reading a novel or short story is keep track of words whose definitions I do not know or that I find interesting. Either way, these interesting words are ones I feel might be of use in my own writing. That, and it's good to expand one's vocabulary every once in a while.

These interesting words were found in Peter V. Brett's The Warded Man.

alacrity: Cheerful willingness; eagerness.

garron: A small and usually disdained type of horse

poultice: A soft moist mass of bread, meal, clay, or other adhesive substance, usually heated, spread on cloth, and applied to warm, moisten, or stimulate an aching or inflamed part of the body.

tincture: A coloring or dyeing substance; a pigment.

vassalage: The condition of being a vassal.