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Introducing Wordnik's Word of the Day

For the longest time I was receiving daily Word of the Day emails from Then they stopped. It's one of those thingsā€”I was getting it for so long, usually casually glancing at the word then deleting the email, that I never really did anything when the emails started not arriving. I figured a system glitch or something.

I finally got around to looking into what's up and discovered that while my email address was still subscribed, I still wasn't getting the emails. Nothing in the spam folder, either. I tried re-subscribing, but it said I was already subscribed. OK. Unsubscribe. Subscribe again. Wait for confirmation email. Nada. OK, I'm done.

Finding another Word of the Day service was as easy as a Google search.

Wordnik, whose API I had once looked at for an unrelated project, caught my eye immediately. Their Word of the Day service requires you to sign up for an account. I did. Now, I'm once again receiving Word of the Day emails on a (surprise) daily basis.

I like the look of Wordnik's WotD page. Here's today's:


The word is big and hard to miss. Definitions are clear. The "Notes" section gives you a little bit of additional information about the word; basically stuff that falls outside of the definition itself. There are examples that use the word so you can see it in action and, in this case, a user contributed sound bite of the word's pronunciation.

If you're into this sort of thing, I recommend Wordnik's Word of the Day service. I'm also going to start using Wordnik as the definition source for my Interesting Words posts.