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Kindle February Pick of the Month

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I'm supporting Kindle writers by selecting for review the occasional eBook from Amazon's Kindle Store each month. This is the first of those selections.

Eleganta: A novel of Fairykind by Denny Swartzlander is my first pick for my ongoing I Support Kindle Writers campaign.

Eleganta is offered in both Kindle and paperback editions, but the paperback is through, so still satisfies the criteria I outlined for how I'd be making my selections. It hasn't gone through the traditional publishing process, in other words.

The review count of Eleganta is a little higher than I would have liked (it has 8 five star reviews), but I'm going to let that pass on this one.

It seems like a promising read:

Enter the 9th century, a time of magic and mystery. On a hidden isle in the seas near England, a young fairy named Ethywyne Eleganta secretly gives birth to the first youngling in fourteen years. She and her child become the hunted prize of the wicked troll general Sunderin. Ethywyne must make the perilous journey across the Fairy Realms, to get her child to the Fairy Queen, the only one who can protect her from the shadow that seeks to destroy all of Fairykind.

You can visit the official Eleganta web site for more information about the book or its author. I should have my review out in a few weeks.

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