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LibraryThing's 50 Book Challenge: Where I'm At

As I've been spelling out at the top of each of my recent book reviews, I'm taking LibraryThing's 50 Book Challenge for 2010. The reason LibraryThing is doing this is to, of course, promote reading. I don't know that I necessarily need the extra incentive, but I also can't deny that the challenge coupled with my Kindle, given to me as Christmas present by my wife, has dramatically increased my reading.

So, how am I doing so far?

The goal is 50 books read. I'm currently at 17. Fifty books is about one per week. So, given that for the year thus far we've seen 19 weeks (I'm starting from Sunday, January 3rd), I should have read 19 books by now. Looks like I'm currently two short. But that's not a big deal. Given that I'll be taking some time off work and will have some holidays here and there, I should be able to make up a small deficit like that.

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