Writer's References

Online References, Part 6: Fun With Words

There are a lot of online reference resources out there. In this short series, I'm going to highlight just some of them. Here are the primary types I'll take a look at:

  1. Dictionaries
  2. Thesauri
  3. Quotations
  4. Style & Grammar
  5. Word of the Day
  6. Fun With Words (this post)

Web Sites

Scrabble Word Finder
We didn't have such things back in my Scrabble playing days, but this looks like a useful tool for generating words.

Dictionary.com Word Dynamo
How many words do you know?

FreeDictionary.com Idioms
A bunch of idioms.

Idiom Site
More idioms.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary
OneLook's reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept.

Word Oddities
Weird stuff. Reminds me of the odd things to come out of the Golden Ratio.

Wordnik Random Word
Each time you click on the link you're given a different word.

YourDictionary: Word Finder
YourDictionary's Word Finder will give you the help you need to beat the competition in games like Words With Friends and Scrabble.

YourDictionary: Words That Start With…
Find that word you know starts with…


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