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I'm anticipating receiving hoping to receive an eReader for Christmas this year. Without getting into which eReaders support which eBook formats, I wanted to take a look at what eBookstores are out there and what eBook formats they sell.

Granted, if you own a Kindle you're probably going to get your content from Amazon since they're the most restrictive on format types (for a long time Kindle only supported AZW format, though now it also supports PDF natively, a step in the right direction). But even still it seems as if open standards like EPUB are making their mark while competing eReaders are raising the bar, so I do wonder how long before Kindle jumps on board the EPUB train, too. However, since I said I wasn't going to get into that, I'll move on…

I plan to list just some of the eBookstores out there. It seems every other day I come across a link to one I'd hereto not known about. Also, with new ones popping up more and more as the eBook craze continues to grow, coming up with a comprehensive list of all eBookstores is going to be difficult.

Therefore consider this a partial list of places from which you can purchase eBooks. Alongside each store, I'll list the eBook formats they sell. Stores are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Amazon.com Kindle Store
eBook formats: AZW (aka, Kindle format)

2. Barnes & Noble
eBook formats: PDB, EPUB

3. Books On Board
eBook formats: ADE, PDB, EPUB, MOBI, LIT

4. Diesel eBook Store
eBook formats: PDB, PDF, MOBI

5. eBooks.com
eBook formats: MOBI, LIT, PDF, EPUB

6. fictionwise
eBook formats: PDB, LIT, PDF, MOBI, LRF

7. kobo books
eBook formats: EPUB, PDF

8. Mobipocket eBooks
eBook formats: MOBI

9. Palm eBook Store
eBook formats: PDB

10. Scribd
eBook formats: DOC/DOCX, PDF, ODF, TXT, RTF, others?

11. Smashwords
eBook formats: HTML, MOBI, EPUB, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, TXT

12. Sony Reader Store
eBook formats: EPUB

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