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Found Books at Half Price Books

My wife and I were out doing some clothes shopping this July 4th holiday weekend. Everything was going fine until my wife asked very nicely if I wouldn't mind if we stopped at just one more store. Now, we learned early on that shopping for clothes is something best done separately. While I often find what I want right away, my wife does not. Therein lies the problem. But I was ok with waiting around this time (I usually bring something to do, anyway). But then she asked if we could make a stop at another store. I cringed. This is turning into an all-day affair. I got to thinking, though… hey, there's a Half Price Books almost next door…

"No problem, honey," I said. "Let's go, and take as much time as you need."

I love Half Price Books. What's not to like about lots of books at discounted prices? It's too bad that authors and publishers are cut out of this particular profit equation, but that's one of the downsides of the traditional model (downside for them, that is).

Turns out I was able to find quite a few titles of which I'd been looking for specifically. That doesn't always happen. Must have been my lucky day. Here are the covers of those books:


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