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Manuscript Formatting

This is a reference post providing some links to resources that discuss manuscript formatting with a few notes of my own at the end. I'll update as needed.

If you have any resources of your own, feel free to post a comment below. I'd love to make this a more comprehensive resource.

Here are the links:

And some notes:

  • Robert J. Sawyer and Holly Lisle both recommend using 12 point Dark Courier as the manuscript font.

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Comments (2) -

  • Steven Till
    I'll have to bookmark this post and read all the info on formatting later. I was reading a little through the first link you provide. I was surprised to see Courier font as the font of choice. What font do you use?
  • Scott Marlowe
    I switched to 12 point Dark Courier as the manuscript font. See link above. This had the unfortunate side-effect of adding about 10,000 words to my final count (using the "# pages * 250 words" equation), which puts me pretty close to 130,000 words on the novel I just finished.

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