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It took me a while to catch onto podcasts. Even then, in the beginning, I mostly listened only to technical podcasts (I'm a software engineer by day). But then I started thinking about writing podcasts and wondering what was out there…

This then is the list of writing related podcasts I've found thus far. It is by no means comprehensive, but I do actively listen to all of these (I have a long commute to work, so I have plenty of listening time).

Some of these are talk show format, full of interviews with notable writers, advice, current happenings in the publishing industry, and other good information. Others are strictly audio fiction.

Here is my list of podcasts for writers:

  1. Adventures in SciFi Publishing
  2. The Billibub Baddings Podcast
  3. The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn
  4. The Drabblecast
  5. The Dragon Page: Cover to Cover
  6. Escape Pod
  7. I Should Be Writing with Mur Lafferty
  8. Litopia After Dark
  9. Litopia Daily
  10. The Metamor City Podcast
  11. Podcastle
  12. Pseudopod
  13. The Secrets Podcast with Michael Stackpole
  14. SFFaudio
  15. The Sofanauts (archive only)
  16. StarShipSofa
  17. The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy (archive only)
  18. The Time Traveler Show (archive only)
  19. Podcasts (Audio Fiction, The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy)
  20. Writing Excuses with Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells
  21. The Writing Show

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  • Steven Till
    I used to listen to a lot of podcasts on writing, history, fantasy, anything really related to my interests. I haven't listened to any of the above, and since I carpool now, I can't really listen to them on my commute anymore. It's one thing I miss about driving myself. What's your favorite one from above?
  • Scott Marlowe
    I was really enjoying Sofanauts, but it recently came to an end. For fiction, I like Podcastle. Also, The Creative Penn has some real good interviews.

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